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Kyle Williams Injures Hamstring

Stop me if you've heard this before, Sun Devil offensive injuries start to pile up. Kyle Williams left Wednesday's practice with a hamstring injury and did not return, the East Valley Trib reported. Look for Gerrell Robinson and T.J. Simpson to see more playing time if Williams is unable to go on Saturday. Other offensive players who missed practice included OL Andrew Sampson and Zach Schlink.

Some defensive players also left or missed practice Wednesday. Safety Ryan McFoy is questionable with an injured ankle and Lawrence Guy left practice with an injured right shoulder. Mike Nixon has been nursing a groin injury which will keep him away from kicking duties. It was thought that Nixon might kickoff for the Devils since he has a stronger leg than Wenzig.

Speaking of Wenzig, Erickson has brought in some competition to try and find the best kicker for the Devils. It appears for now that the job will remain with Wenzig. Weber, please get better quickly.

It seems every year the Devils get hammered with injury after injury. While none of these injuries seem severe, they will deplete the depth that the Devils had coming in to the season at nearly every position.