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Reflections Upon the ASU/WSU Game

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As I sit here reflecting upon our "victory" against Washington State on Saturday, I am still astounded as to the absurdity of it all. Amazed that we actually won a football game after turning the ball over 6 times. In shock that Brock Osweiler was ineffective, and that Danny Sullivan threw 3 interceptions.

Our team is held up by the defense, and our offense is only a theoretical at this point. It's ugly. So ugly, in fact, that I have decided that Sun Devil football has a face for radio, and even then it was pitiful. 

  • I am glad that Dennis Erickson is still alive after being steamrolled by a college football player.
  • It is good to know that we can also miss two extra points and STILL win.
  • How bad is WSU? Seriously. Look at this stat: 32 rushing attempts, -54 rushing yards. What?! WHAT?!?!
  • I think it's time to start the chants for Samson at the next Sun Devil game. Honestly, what difference does it make at this point?

In the end, we got a win, and we're now 3-2 on the year. But NO ONE is pleased about this game, and no one gives a care about us playing Wazzu. Lets beat UW and then we can talk momentum and potential.

Am I wrong? Post in the comments. More to come this week at the House.