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The Troubling ASU Quarterback Situation

When Dennis Erickson arrived in Tempe for the 2007 season, he was given a capable Junior QB (Rudy Carpenter), a cache of redshirt freshmen (Samson Szakacsy, Chasen Stangel), and Danny Sullivan.

Coach Erickson's first QB target was John Elway's son, Jack. He was the top QB recruit for the class of 2012, but is now living life in civilian clothes on the ASU campus.

In 2009, must now face this troubling reality for our QB depth chart:

1. Danny Sullivan, Sr.

2. Brock Osweiler, Fr.

3. Samson Szakacsy, Rs. So.

4. Steven Threet (Transfer from Michigan)

I must ask a very basic question in the wake of this situation. Upon his arrival, why did Dennis Erickson fail to recruit a quality QB for the impending 2009 season? He knew Rudy was going to graduate, and it is very obvious that Danny Sullivan is not very good.

Erickson did not know that Threet would transfer from Michigan, nor did he know that Osweiler would decommit from playing Gonzaga basketball in order to come to ASU.

In the end, Dennis failed to recruit a good QB to play for us this season, a year where we could have been very, very good with a QB half as talented as Matt Barkley.

And for that, I blame no one but the coaching staff. We went into this season knowing Danny was our guy, and what has that brought us? Not a whole lot, other than a few embarrassing defeats.

Bring on 2010, and bring on the Threet Era. But in the meantime, please give Brock Osweiler some reps, Dennis. You're showing your age with this brittle insensitivity.