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First Half Recap, California @ ASU; Second Half GameThread

After a quarter of unmentionable play, the Sun Devils were down 14-0, with Danny Sullivan sporting an obscene 2-6 passing line for 10 yards.

As the quarter turned, the Devils came alive on offense, and a tag team of Sullivan, Gerrell Robinson and Ryan Bass delivered the ball inside the 5 within 3 minutes.

Coach Erickson went with redshirt sophomore Samson Szakacsy to hand the ball off within the 2, but Bass immediately fumbled and lost the ball to the hands of the Golden Bear defense.

This was seemingly the final spurt from the Sun Devils, who could feel their record slipping back to .500 on the year. But the defense would not have any of that, with a fumble recovery by Vontaze Burfict on the 3-yard line bringing ASU right back into the game.

Szakacsy then rolled out to his left and hit Jovon Williams for a TD on his first career pass attempt. It was also Williams' first career TD reception.

ASU's defense on the ensuing drive, however, was unable to refrain from catching the penalty bug once again, with a personal foul and an offsides call giving the Bears great field position.

On the next play, the Devils got a 15-yard facemask penalty, putting the ball at the ASU 23.

Despite ASU's best attempts to lose, a quick missed field goal by Cal was turned around for an 80-yard touchdown pass from Danny Sullivan to Kyle Williams.

Want to find out what else happened, and comment on the second half? More after the jump...

This type of QB competitiveness between Szakacsy and Sullivan is exactly what the Sun Devils needed. One is a young, fleet-footed Californian, while the other is an older, slow-footed... Californian.

After a terrible drive by Cal, Anger punted the ball out at the ASU 1-yard line. The running game of ASU game through, and got them a first down.

Immediately thereafter, Sullivan threw a bomb and is intercepted for a 38-yard run back to the ASU 32-yard line.

3rd and 5 with 1:13 to go; California is located on the ASU 12, attempting to get a first down. Riley was nearly sacked several times, but completed a pass to his WR Ross for a 4-yard gain. The Bears successfully converted a field goal this time to take a 17-14 lead.

With one minute left, Jamal Miles ran back the kickoff to the ASU 41, where two short completions later, the Sun Devils found themselves on the Cal 38 with :33 to go.

After a fumble on the next play by Danny Sullivan and an incomplete pass to Kyle Williams, the Devils punted to run out the half.

Two quarters down, California 17, ASU 14. Interesting game so far. Lets discuss the second half right here.