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ASU Upset Bid Fails

ASU loses to #24 Cal, 21-23 in stunning ASU fashion. Relinquishing a one point lead, allowing Cal to drive down the field for the field goal ASU showed typical conservative playcalling on both sides of the ball (three and out - 3 straight run plays with ~4 min left, soft zone coverage on the last defensive stand) and sloppy play (123 penalty yards).

Some highs existed - we were unexpectedly competitive, Marshall looks like he could turn out to be a great back, the WR corp is solid, the defense was good, and special teams was good. It is just the damn offense.

Most notably the QB. Cal continually relied on their middle of the road QB's arm to get them out of long 2nd and 3rd downs. ASU could not do the same with Danny Sullivan.

With each incompletion, turnover, and loss - Danny Sullivan hammers another nail into the coffin of his ASU career. Samson Szakacsy getting two goalline snaps today was telling.

While I doubt DE will throw an unexperienced QB to the USC wolves, I would not be surprised to see a different QB finish the season behind center.

Its not all bad folks, we showed some fight, have good supplemental pieces, special teams looked good... and its Halloween. So go out and be joyous, have some drinks, and try and forget about this mediocre team for a night.