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If the Sun Devils Were a TV show...

If the Sun Devil football team were a TV show, I'd pick Entourage.  Just like Entourage, the Devils are filled with drama, rarely find success as a collective group, and the players can easily be matched with the characters of the cast.  So, what Sun Devil will play E, Turtle, Vince, Drama, and Ari?

Ari: Mike Nixon - The mostly dependable, go to for advice character fits Mike Nixon well.  Nixon has the life experience along with a solid set of skills to fill this role. 

Vince: Vontaze Burfict - The superstar.  Hes the future of the group, and quite honestly is the player who attracts most of the attention when on the field.  Although he is certain to make mistakes, he'll more than learn from them and bounce back to be even more explosive.  Burfict is what will bring people to the games in years to come.

Drama: Danny Sullivan - The elder QB.  His career is never taken seriously.  While he may think that he can star, he's meant to be just an extra.  

Turtle: Thomas Weber - While few fans have high hopes from the kicker, Weber came in as a freshman and put up an award winning year.  Having little expectations put upon him allowed him to surprise everyone with his consistency.

E: Brock Osweiler or Samson S. - Why Brock and Samson?  Well they're going to benefit from the career of their teammate Sullivan.  One of them will fall into high powered offense and be expected to lead.