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Terell Carr Suspended Indefinitely

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Can someone explain to me how a senior, going into the final 3 games of their Sun Devil, and most likely football, career can get suspended indefinitely. SR CB Terell Carr got suspended indefinitely for breaking a team rule. Does indefinitely mean the rest of the season?...I would think so. Erickson needs to make a statement letting the rest of the team know that they need to continue to abide by all team rules. With the suspension of Carr, and the announcement that Bolden will be out for the remainder of the season, the Devils are dangerously thin at the CB position. Look for Frosh Deveron Carr and SR Pierre Singfield to step it up for the remainder of the season. Erickson said about starting freshman this late in the season...

"You just got to do it," he said. "They're all on scholarship. They got to step up and do what they're supposed to do. This happens all over the country, so I don't think we're unusual."

Unusual...a fitting word for this seasons Arizona State Football team.