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Pre-Season Bracketology Report 2009

It is back.  Lunardi's Bracketology was released today, and to my surprise, it included ASU.   Lunardi has the Devils as a 13 seed, going up against the 4 seed Ohio State Buckeyes.  How do the Sun Devils match up against the Buckeyes?  I don't even know how well we match up against North Dakota State.  17th ranked Ohio State started their season with a 100-60 defeat of ASU (no, not the Sun Devils...Alcorn State).  OSU has a starting squad of 1 Senior, 3 Juniors, and 1 Sophomore.  With an experienced, yet youthful lineup, the Buckeyes are primed to compete with the best of the best this year.  That is why the Sun Devils take an early exit out of this bracket. 

What are your expectations for the Sun Devils this year?  NCAA Tourney bound? NIT bound?