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Oregon Ducks Q&A with Addicted To Quack

Here at SBNation, we sometimes join forces with our excellent Pac-10 bloggers to discuss upcoming games and events. This week, we talked about the Oregon Ducks with our friend Jared at Addicted To Quack. Adam took the time to answer Jared's questions, and you can find them here. Without further ado...

What does LeGarrette Blount bring to the table now that his lengthy suspension is up? Do you think he will see a lot of action on Saturday, or will Chip and the rest of the staff put an emphasis on the players that have been producing all year long?

One of our writers, Paul, covered this topic very well earlier this week. Blount bring a physical presence that our running backs have lacked, and could prove very important on 3rd or 4th and short situations. He will be a much needed change of pace to LaMichael James if he can earn his carries. Blount will have some carries (I'm guessing around 5-8), but he will not be the #1 back this season. He will be fighting for backup carries with Kenjon Barner, Remene Alston, and Andre Crenshaw.

Losing to Stanford last weekend put a damper on Oregon's BCS chances. Where do you think the Ducks will end up come bowl season?

I still very much believe that Oregon will reach the Rose Bowl. I think that Oregon will be the favorite in the final two games, and the Ducks have a great chance to run the table and win the conference. However, Oregon still has the top offense and one of the best defenses in the Pac-10, so I think they're the favorites to win it. However, if Oregon drops a game or more, who knows what will happen. The Ducks could easily fall to the Sun Bowl.

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Oregon has been stomping the Sun Devils for years now. What can ASU do to increase their chances of winning this game?

Score more points. Slowing down Oregon will be a very tough job, even for ASU's great defense. ASU has simply not matched the offensive output of the Ducks, and they'll have to score at least 30 to win the game this weekend.

ASU will be starting true freshman Brock Osweiler on Saturday night in front of a ferocious road crowd. What is it like to attend an Oregon home game, and what makes playing in Autzen Stadium so difficult?

Autzen is simply insanely loud, every single play. What sets it apart is that the noise is constant throughout the game. At the Cal game earlier this year, Cal did a very quick snap and the crowd quite ready, so everyone yelled from the end of that play, through the next snap.

This noise has a definite impact. Two weeks ago, USC had 6 false starts. Linemen simply can't hear the snap count. Not only does this lead to penalties, but it means that opposing offenses don't have the advantage of the snap, and both teams are forced to go at the snap of the ball, rather than a count. It just adds that extra level of difficulty for opposing teams trying to execute offensively.

All in all, your season has had its ups and downs. Just how good is this Ducks squad? What are they most lacking, and are there any exciting recruits coming to fill those gaps?

The main thing these Ducks are lacking is a dominating defensive tackle. This isn't to take anything away from the Oregon defensive line, which was been excellent this season. But they don't have the size of other lines, and certain lines (like Stanford's) are able to use that lack of size to their advantage.

Other than that, this is a very very good Oregon team, and they finally have a defense that is keeping pace with their offense (up until last week). If Oregon can add some large bodies on the D-line for next year, watch out. Oregon returns 19 starters and will be a force next season.

Thanks again to Jared for taking the time to answer our questions. Go Devils!