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House Of Sparky's Road Trip From Arizona

Hey everyone, this message comes to you high atop the press box at the Rose Bowl, where two of your House Of Sparky favorites are currently preparing for today's matchup between UCLA and ASU.

In case you were wondering about our road trip, please feel free to peruse the information below.

4:20 AM: Cory got out of bed, thinking he was late for work. Realized he was super early for a football game.

4:55 AM: Mlev811 (Matt) gets in Cory's car, and says "What's up, gangsta?"

5:03 AM: Dutch Bros is closed. Cory threatens to go America all over everybody's asses.

5:20 AM: The 10-W is covered in photo radars, interspersed with radar vans. Cory doesn't get a ticket, but he wouldn't pay it anyway.

5:29 AM: Wendy's in Goodyear is closed. We were idling at the order screen. Shocked that Wendy's was closed.

5:31 AM: Burger King in Goodyear opens. We were idling at the order screen. Shocked to hear a friendly hispanic voice. Coffees, hash browns, and a croissanwich later, Matt tells Cory he is going to have a stomach ache. Cory tells Matt he's an idiot.

5:37 AM: Matt had previously requested that we listen to the Beach Boys. Cory thought he was kidding, but played it anyway. It was awesome.

5:45 AM: Cory has a stomach ache.

7:10 AM: We cross into California, and now it's 6:10 AM. We wonder why we left so damn early.

6:11 AM: Stopped at the Mickey D's in Blythe, catching a glimpse of the ASU turnaround  bus. Been there, done that. It's so sweet to get into a vehicle that has music Cory likes to listen to.

6:30 AM: iPod dies, and hispanic radio es no bueno.

 7:28 AM: Cory keeps insisting they stop at Morongo to play some blackjack.

8:15 AM: Morongo was a terrible idea.

10:00 AM: Arrived in Pasadena. Ate at a Subway with the same ASU kids they saw in Blythe.

11:15 AM: Up in the press box, getting ready for the game. Go Devils!