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ASU vs. UCLA Game Thread: Sun Devils are California Dreamin'

The ASU Sun Devils (4-6) take on the UCLA Bruins (5-5) in a game that has potential bowl implications. In reality, Arizona State can only finish 6-6 with wins against UCLA and Arizona, and even then there will be no guarantee of a bowl invitation.

As for UCLA, they are in a much better position to earn a bowl berth. Either way, both teams will have to fight for respect after terrible showings in conference play. UCLA and ASU only have two wins each in conference, with their only victims being Washington and WSU.

ASU sophomore Samson Szakacsy will start for the Sun Devils at QB, and fans are hopeful his quick legs will transfer to a few extra points on the scoreboard today.

A big piece of news coming out of Sun Devil camp today is the return of CB Terell Carr from his suspension. After being arrested on November 10th for three misdemeanors, Carr is back and has suited up for today's game.

Lets discuss this development, and also talk about the Sun Devils/Bruins. Go Devils!