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Duke 34, ASU 30: Halftime Impressions of the NIT Semifinals

What an impressive half from the Sun Devil side of things! Trent Lockett put up 11 points quickly before racking up 3 personal fouls. Lets get to the bullet points:

  • The ASU defense is very active tonight, exposing the fact that Duke's players aren't all that athletic. 
  • Kyle Singler has been a non-factor, which needs to continue for the Sun Devils to have a chance to win this game.
  • If it weren't for some happy feet by Eric Boateng, he'd be putting up big numbers tonight.
  • Doug Gottlieb is a nozzle.
  • Derek Glasser has great court vision, but needs to take the open shot when it is given to him.
  • Duke might be the most overrated team in the country at this point, but I think the Sun Devils are far better than anyone imagined.

Lets continue this discussion in the comments! Go SUN DEVILS!