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USC Invades Tempe Tomorrow

Tomorrow, ASU faces a difficult task in the form of #12 USC at Sun Devil Stadium. With a strong turnout expected, this is our annual drubbing at the hands of the Trojans, as we've lost the previous nine contests against the ketchup and mustard.

This season, we may actually stand a chance against USC, thanks in no small part to our ferocious defense. USC has not looked all that impressive on offense, being led by a true freshman in Matt Barkley who still has a long way to go before he has reached his full potential.

In short, our offense needs to muster some semblance of respectability, and the defense needs to show up (unlike the last drive of the California game). We need to run some wildcat, some options with Szakacsy, and move the chains on the ground behind Cameron Marshall's strong running.

Ball control and defensive playmaking will be the key. Should we hold the ball for over 30 minutes, we may be in great shape. Lets go Devils!