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Brock Osweiler is the future for ASU

Brock To The Future.

Get the DeLorean, Danny! It's time for a new sheriff in town.

During halftime of tonight's 14-9 loss to #12 USC, Coach Erickson decided to bench his struggling senior QB, Danny Sullivan, in favor of true freshman Brock Osweiler of Kalispell, Montana. While he wasn't that magical shot in the arm that the offense needed in order to pull off the upset, there were some bright spots in his game.

First of all, Osweiler is very athletic and has this rare quality known as mobility. It is something that ASU's offense has been lacking all season. Osweiler was able to turn broken plays into first downs on multiple occasions using his legs.

Secondly, he has field vision. On his touchdown pass to Chris McGaha, he quickly strafed his eyes from the left side of the field to the right and immediately threw the ball to the correct spot. While he is still young, these two tools will be honed and his star will rise.

Back in December, we talked to Brock about the impending season. He was excited about the possibility of being the starting quarterback here at Arizona State, and if he goes out and plays well at practice this week, he can be all but assured that his first collegiate start will be in Autzen against the Oregon Ducks next weekend.

He is still at least a season away from being a reliable Pac-10 QB, but having him on the field increases our chances of winning. It also appeases a fan base that has been asking for Brock since the Georgia game.

Lets talk Brock.