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ASU AD Lisa Love Getting 4-yr Extension

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It looks like Lisa Love has earned herself a 4-year extension as the AD of Arizona State University.  In a move that is bound to be criticized by many, I think Crow made a good decision offering Lisa the extension.  

As the AD of ASU, Love has transformed the basketball program with the hire of Herb Sendek.  While her hire of Dennis Erickson is in question right now, overall ASU athletics have been improved overall.  

With Pat Murphy's resignation and the football teams dismal performance this year, Lisa is going to be heavily scrutinized in how she handles both situations.

 It appears that any word on assistant coach firings (ahem...Rich Olsen) has not been leaked, or is not happening. She needs to force Erickson to make changes in order to keep his job, a lot like the school down south did to Stoops.

Lisa's baseball hire must also be a crowd pleaser. It will be tough to follow up Pat Murphy's coaching reign over ASU baseball, but it should be easy to attract a top coach to replace him. Let's hope she continues to make quality hires like Sendek.