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ESPN's Forde Laughs at Our Attendance, and I do too

Pat Forde, college basketball analyst, gave mention to the Devils in his most recent update of Forde Minutes.  Not really the kind of mention we want.  He notes that we have yet to put 11,000 butts in the seats despite being the 18th ranked team in the nation.  On the contrary, Indiana fills 78% of  their stadium with a 6-16 record.  I propose the question, WHERE ARE YOU SUN DEVIL FANS?

This is the best shot we've had in a long time to be competitive in the big dance.  We have one of the top 5 players in the nation coupled with Pendergraph, one of the highest percentage shooting players in the nation.  If we can't get to the games with the team we have now, then it seems unlikely that we will ever get people to attend basketball games.  Herb Sendek has created an oasis in the desert.  If we don't start fully supporting the team, it will all be just a mirage, a memory, get the idea.  We are at the heart of the Pac-10 schedule with upcoming visits from UCLA, USC, and that team from below us in that "city" down there.  So drop your Thursday night and Sunday night plans.  Drive to Tempe.  Spend 15$ on a ticket.  Bad Economy? Skip the popcorn.  Yell. Cheer. Be Merry. Support the Devils. Support Herb Sendek. Support the players.  Enjoy Harden while we have him, because next year it could be back to the same ol' Devils.