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The Evening Edition: Sun Devils Sweep SoCal Schools; BlogPoll Week 2

As I am sure many of you know, Derek Glasser and the Devils beat the USC Trojans 65-53 tonight at Wells Fargo Arena. With the victory, ASU broke 20 wins on the season, a huge accomplishment for Herb Sendek and his talented squad.

With the win, I am also voting very strongly in the Sun Devils' favor in this weeks BlogPoll. Here is my tally..

Rank Team Delta
1 Connecticut
2 North Carolina 3
3 Oklahoma
4 Wake Forest 2
5 Pittsburgh 1
6 Memphis 4
7 Marquette 2
8 Villanova 5
9 Louisville 2
10 Arizona St. 8
11 Duke 9
12 Missouri 7
13 Michigan St. 1
14 Xavier 2
15 Washington
16 Illinois 1
17 Clemson 2
18 UCLA 7
19 Kansas 7
20 Syracuse
21 Purdue 1
22 California 2
23 Butler 15
24 Arizona
25 Gonzaga
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Florida St. (#20), Utah St. (#21), Ohio St. (#23), Florida (#25).

A few thoughts: I like Oklahoma, but I will not vote them #2 until I see wins over Kansas and Missouri. Hell, that might even make them #1 in my book.

Butler really disappointed me with this loss tonight, and Duke flopped from grace very quickly. Never trust a Blue Devil...

Yes, I voted Arizona State tenth in my poll. Homer? Well, yeah. But lets look at some realistic reasons:

1. ASU beat then-#6 UCLA and a good USC team this weekend, while most of the rest of the top 25 lost a game. It's my personal belief that this team has gelled and is in complete control of their own destiny for the NCAA tournament.

2. If it weren't for that unfortunate loss to Wazzu, or the slipup against Baylor, ASU would look even better on paper, with a record that matches its competition in the 8-15 range.

I think ASU looks right at home at #10. James Harden alone can carry this team as far as he wants to.