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Stories Currently Affecting Sun Devils

Quick recap of today's Sun Devil buzz on the interwebs:

1. Sun Devil fans are miffed about Joe Lunardi's bracketology seeding, where ASU stays as a 7 seed.

2. Herb Sendek thinks the Pac-10 deserves more love from the selection committee.

3. In case you missed Tim Floyd's freakshow on Sunday night, here's a clip.

4. The Oregonian ranks us 2nd in the Pac-10 power rankings.

5. I love this op-ed (broken link: thank you DBacksSkins for the updated link) from the Daily Wildcat (Tucson).

ESPN overrates the ACC and Big East to drive up ratings - no surprise that the "Worldwide leader in sports" has lucrative television contracts with both conferences.

Prime example: Notre Dame, Georgetown and Duke, a team somehow still in the top 10 after losing four of its last six games.

It's a lot easier to sell a game between two "top-10" East Coast teams than it would be to market Gonzaga vs. ASU.

Then again, why would the Wildcats want to be ranked? They've thrived in the underdog role and seem to be comfortable without all the added extra pressure which is why rankings are stupid.

I have to love that analytical tact.

Anyway, check back later for more great stuff! And if you find an interesting, pertinent link, post in in a FanShot. We really value your contributions here.