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Hittin' the Links

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Nice day out.

Let's hit the links.

ASU leaps up 4 spots in one poll, 7 in the other. Solid #14/#11 split. Locked up a tourney bid, I'd say.

Pac-10 show has their top 5 for the Pac-10 this year. Number says that while many suspect ASU to take off in DE's third year...not so fast my friend.

Andy Katz does his CBB thing. Says ASU has a shot at the Pac-10 title.

And Katz again coming with the college bball stuff.

Quote about ASU:

• Arizona State had a great atmosphere in the win over UCLA. ASU swept the Bruins and essentially locked up a bid and likely decent seed. The key for the Sun Devils is to make sure that type of energy in their building continues next season when James Harden is likely gone to the NBA.

Finally, some props to Wells Fargo Arena.

Apparently as our win streak in bball grows, so do some beards. Harden, Glasser and Pendergraph lead the pack.

Really good stuff about some Pac-10 action over here. The guys at DraftExpress talk James Harden and evaluate his NBA game. Pendergraph also gets a writeup.

It doesn't always pay off when coaches go ballistic - as USC's coach can attest to following the ASU-USC game.

Remember how we were chronciling Ty Abbott's struggles? After a solid UCLA performance, Abbott hopes to build on his success. 500 shots a day sounds like a lot. I wonder how many went in? Lets see...20% of 500 is..


nd finally, this week in Pac-10 basketball. Not a ton about ASU, but interesting.