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Arizona @ ASU: Game Officially Sold Out

The ASU Media Relations department has informed us that the game is completely sold out. With this exciting news, we are assured that the game will be one of the most intense matches the state of Arizona has ever seen when it comes to Pac-10 rivalry.


Expect more of this kind of thing. We will once again be victorious!

I hope you all got your seats... I won't be held responsible for angry fans who didn't hear it here first.

Arizona has won their last 7 games, and are playing their best basketball of the season, just in time to infiltrate Tempe. Their interim head coach, Russ Pennell, has them inspired and confident.

ASU, on the other hand, has won 4 in a row after sweeping the LA schools. This game will determine a fair bit of how the conference will shake out in the final few weeks.

Go Devils!