State Press Baseball Beat

Hey guys,

Nick Ruland here with the SP.  Just thought I could throw a few thoughts out there on opening weekend.    I may not be a college baseball expert, but I was thoroughly impressed with the Sun Devils this past weekend.   Yeah I get it,  UMW hadn't practiced outdoors all year yadda, yadda....

How can you argue against the numbers ASU put up this weekend?   I don't care if it's batting practice, to be able to hit the ground running like that tells me a lot about the program (I am trying to familiarize myself with).

Did we learn anything about this years team from this weekend?  I'm not sure I can offer the depth of perspective to fairly answer that question.  I can say that Murphy was not exactly dazzled when I spoke with him on Sunday.   Perhaps my perceptions are a little misguided on that subject.  I think I'll leave that alone until I can figure it out.

So maybe the half-glasser says all we learned is that Ramirez can turn on a below-average fastball.  Or maybe that ASU can take advantage of an outfield that displayed very little range or competency. 

I saw  a pitching staff that threw strikes.  An offense that sprayed the ball all over the field and executed situational hitting fairly well.  A defense that can make spectacular plays.  I saw athletes for ASU that should give them confidence in tight games.  I also saw balls go out to center that really carried.  I don't think power is going to be as big a problem as some would believe. 

What do I know. I am listening and learning.  Fair to say we'll know a little something after this next week. 

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