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March Madness Bracketology Update: Sun Devils Seeded 4

I've decided to take a week off from using Lunardi's bracketology selections as I noticed a glaring mistake on his bracket.  One of his "last 4 teams in (Penn State)" was not even in the actual bracket.  And for that, I will use's Andy Glockner's predictions.  In case you were wondering, the Devils were still a 5 seed in Lunardi's bracket.

The fourth seeded Devils are set to play Western Kentucky in the East bracket.  The Devils first round game would take place in Portland (I'm guessing Portland, Maine).  WKU has played one ranked team, Louisville, and beat them early in the season.  The Hilltoppers don't have any other impressive wins on their resume, but do have 4 players averaging double digit points.  The team shoots 45% from the field and 37% from behind the arc.  I think the Devils are a far superior team and for that, the Devils will go to round 2.  What is a Hilltopper anyways?  According to Wikipedia, some sort of fox hunter.  Doesn't matter. Round 2.

The Devils get the winner of the Purdue and Cincinatti matchup.  I predict Purdue to be the winner.  Just like the 2004 Sun Bowl, the Devils and Boilermakers will matchup for a competitive game.  Purdue has impressive wins over Michigan State and Illinois, but don't strike me as a team that will be dangerous come tourney time.  I think the Devils matchup well against most Big Ten teams as the Big Ten is notorious for slow basketball.  James Harden can exploit this and really give the Devils an advantage.  Devils March on.

Sweet 16. UNC vs ASU.  A tradition rich filled matchup(atleast one side of it). HINT: It's the other side.  UNC is a team filled with All-American players.  Hansbrough, Lawson, Ellington, Green, and Thompson all average double digit points.  I'm thinking we don't stand a chance.  Devils get to the Sweet 16(better than the Wildcats) and lose to the Tar Heels.  Until next time...GO DEVILS!