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House Of Sparky 101: Official Guide To Posting and Commenting

Welcome to House Of Sparky. We are an unofficial ASU Sun Devils blog that is part of SportsBlogs Nation. After signing up for a user name on the left hand side (or using your Yahoo! ID to sign in), I would recommend you start by reading the SB*Nation Welcome Guide.

As our colleagues at Bleed Cubbie Blue (Chicago Cubs blog) have noted in their own posting guide, we are not a message board. We are not a newspaper. We are a community that was designed for reader involvement and input. House Of Sparky doesn't want to exclude you from debates pertaining to Sun Devil Nation; in fact, we thrive off of your two cents (in fact, if you have a dollar to spare...).

Simply put, this community is here for you to interact with one another, hold respectful debate, and voice your opinions. What mediums do we offer for this goal?

First, we have the FanPost. Essentially, it's your space to write a blog entry regarding a timely Sun Devil-related story. If your post is deemed to be a stimulating topic, often times it will be promoted to the front page of the blog itself, where even more readers can get a glimpse of your thoughts.

Other times, the post will remain on the right hand sidebar, where they are easily accessible as additions to House Of Sparky's materials.

Another means of voicing your opinions is the FanShot. Essentially, it is for links and quotes that are not worthy of full blog posts. For example, when news broke that ASU would be playing Nebraska in the Pac-10/Big XII hardwood series, I posted a FanShot that linked the story.

You can do this too! Providing the hottest scoop on the internet will help facilitate our growth, and also contribute in a big way to the discussions we participate in here at House Of Sparky.

We already have a few great members that contribute FanPosts and FanShots on a frequent basis, including Dirk Diggler and Beatuofa. We enjoy their presence, and we hope for more quality content from readers in the future.

We are also a site that refuses to accept trolling or incendiary posts, and in general, expletives are prohibited. Be careful about your contributions: we want quality conversation, not classless commentary.

So once again, welcome aboard! Sign up and start telling us your Sun Devil story.