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ASU Loses Again In Overtime; Washington State Prevails 51-49

Taylor Rochestie couldn't even make his free throws down the stretch for the Cougars, but in the end he nailed a huge 3 point attempt from a good 25 feet away to seal the victory.

I am sure we all feel this failure deep in our stomachs. Why can't this team consistently deliver on its potential?

The answer: As far as James Harden goes, so does the rest of the team.

Lets look at a stat line from the game.

2/11 FG, 7/10 FT, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 13 points.

Who? James Harden.

How can we win if he misses 9 out of his 11 shots?

Answer: We cannot.

How did they shut him down?

Wazzu forced terrible shots from Harden and played stand-up defense, not allowing the refs to call hand fouls as they like to do for elite players.

Losing both of these games hurts a lot. 0-4 against Washington schools? Big knock on our respectability. Not that UW isn't good, but WSU is a mediocre squad that has our number.

With this loss, I wouldn't be surprised to see us back in the 20s in the polls.

Not that it matters, because the Pac-10 tournament shall be ours for the taking.

Bring on Stanford.