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This football recruiting class...could it be better than last years?

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We will have an indepth look at this class following signing day on Wednesday...

and if things remained as they were, we would have a very respectable class, considering the season we are comign off of...however...

Things could get very interesting. Also..looks like we will not get the top MLB in the nation, USC apparently puleld out an "academic/financial package" for Burfict after he visited ASU over the weekend.  Whatever the hell that means.

Kemonte Bateman (WR, 78) a 2008 recruit who failed to qualify academically last year, has retaken his tests and looks like he should be good to go for the fall.

In some rather disturbing news, looks like Koetter's bad boys are still taking their toll on ASU's program. Rape, murder..ugh. I am glad he is gone because Erickson, for whatever problems he might have, does not tolerate this kind of BS.


Hmm. Lets hope some good news comes our way in the next few days.