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Derek Glasser: Concussions and Their Burden on Athletes

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Derek Glasser, who was concussed last week in the loss against Washington, laid motionless on the court in Eugene last night after being hit in the head by a Duck shoulder. It appears as though he suffered another traumatizing head injury, and twice in one week is not a good sign.

Concussions are serious injuries, and I am surprised he was cleared to play 5 days after the original head trauma. Being hit in the head again is a terrible sign.

Some players are just destined to have concussions. Not all of them do so with poor play or with improper mechanics, but rather it seems as though some athletes are prone to concussions.

Lets take, for example, Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins. This guy is a concussion factory. It is truly disheartening to see an athlete with so much talent consistently riddled with a life-threatening injury.

Another great athlete, former 49ers QB Steve Young, is another that immediately comes to mind. From Wikipedia:

Young was plagued by concussions throughout his career; officially, Young had suffered seven concussions, but many believe the number to be higher.

If you are interested in understanding what a concussion is, and how it affects daily life (not to mention athletic temperament), please read this great article on concussions by Conquest Chronicles, our USC Trojan blog friends here at SBNation.

In my opinion, Glasser's recent traumas indicate a necessary rest period. Whether he is out for the next two weeks or just the game against Oregon State, that is up to the doctors. But personally, I would be surprised shocked if he touched the floor tomorrow.

He is far too valuable as a person and as a player to risk hurting more seriously in a collegiate basketball game of minimal importance. Save him for a few weeks down the road; we will be a better team for it.