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Filed under: College Basketball BlogPoll, Week 1: Inaugural Entry

We were invited to take part in the CBS BlogPoll, which tallies the votes of college bloggers across the web and gives us a voice in the ranking system that for so long was controlled by the traditional media. I have just finished my rankings for the first week, and I encourage you to discuss my picks in the comments section.

With ASU winning both games this weekend, I gave them a bump. I also feel that Kansas isn't getting as much love from the press as they should, being 8-0 in the Big XII and currently on an 8 game winning streak.

Rank Team
1 Connecticut
2 Duke
3 Oklahoma
4 Pittsburgh
5 North Carolina
6 Wake Forest
7 Louisville
8 Butler
9 Marquette
10 Memphis
12 Kansas
13 Villanova
14 Michigan St.
15 Clemson
16 Xavier
17 Illinois
18 Arizona St.
19 Missouri
20 Florida St.
21 Utah St.
22 Purdue
23 Ohio St.
24 California
25 Florida