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The Evening Edition: Somebody's Got a Case of the Mondays...

There's very little in the way of Sun Devil news today.

In Tempe, there was a torrential rainstorm that caught me off guard completely this evening.

We here in Arizona take sunny skies and comfortable temperatures for granted this time of year, and there is very little expectation of untimely weather patterns. How can I get around campus if I don't even own a rain jacket?

ASU softball is back in the "swing" of things (who am I, Carrot Top?). Hopefully they can win the NCAA Championship again.

What is your favorite food joint in Tempe? Lets hear all comers! Post in the comments section.

I have always enjoyed chains like Panda Express and Chipotle. They are decently priced and offer huge quantities of gross, 1500-calorie deliciousness.

My favorite pizza place is Slices on Mill. Nothing like a stop there at 2 AM, when the line is out the door and the drunken revelry is at its peak.