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Spring Break in Tempe, Arizona; ASU and UA Thoughts

Today, I relaxed poolside, sipping a beverage and gathering the UV rays up for grabs from the Spring sky.

It's the second day of Spring Break ASU Style, and I'm completely immobile. Call it lack of motivation, call it alcohol. The warmth of Arizona does not bring about much in the way of effort during these times.

Hopefully, this is not the case for the Sun Devils on Thursday at Noon. Playing the arch rival University of Arizona for the third time this season, James Harden and the rest of the gang face a stiff test.

I think they are going to pass with flying colors. We are a team that feeds off of the environment.

When the stadium was half empty against Stanford, we laid an egg.

When IUPUI came to US Airways and played us in front of a 3/4 empty building, they very nearly beat us.

Frankly, this won't be the environment in Los Angeles. The Staples Center should be a good venue for this game. Will it be packed to capacity? Most likely not. The seats are quite expensive, and the economy is still in the tank.

But a rivalry game in the quarterfinals of the Pac-10 tournament? Awesome!

We know how to beat UA, as we have done the last four times. Their shallow bench can be exploited.

We shouldn't look ahead of them. They have to beat us to have a realistic shot at the NCAA Tournament.

But if we can take care of business, we will have finally done something right: Kicked UA out of the NCAAs for the first time in eons.