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Pac-10 Championship Game Thread: #6 USC Trojans versus #4 Arizona State Sun Devils

We are 1-1 against USC this season, winning our home game and losing on the road. USC is looking good this week, already having taken care of #3 California and #2 UCLA.

It appears that USC has clinched a spot in the NCAA Tournament with their quality wins. I still expect 5 teams to make the tournament from the Pac-10, but USC will take Arizona's spot.

Hopefully James Harden can lead us to the title, and a 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

This is the GameThread for the championship matchup.

Frankly, USC is more of a threat to us than UCLA was- we beat UCLA twice this season, and USC isn't sure they are in the tournament yet. If they won today, their automatic bid would take away a lot of their worries.

Either way, go Devils! I will be at the game, and will Twitter about it during the contest, and write up a recap after.