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What To Watch Tonight: Because No One Cares About UCLA

Alright. Once the games are over, there will be a dearth of entertainment. So here is your guide to greatness instead of watching basketball.

  • John McCardell, President of "Choose Responsibility," an organization dedicated to lowering the legal drinking age to 18, will be on The Colbert Report tonight on Comedy Central.
  • New "The Office" at 8:00 PM Arizona Time. What will happen? Will Steve Carrell dress up in a Willy Wonka outfit again? Or will Dwight be promoted to boss?
  • Yo! Yo! is on MTV Tres at 8:30 PM featuring 50 Cent. Word.
  • Warriors @ Lakers is on until 10 PM on TNT. Because we aren't watching enough basketball.
  • Frasier reruns are on channel 7 at 9:00. Will he host a radio show? Will he live with an old man, a tiny dog and a gay guy? Will Daphne and him finally make out? No.
  • Making The Band 4 is on MTV at 9. Pretty amazing.

As you can see, there is no shortage of amazing television to watch instead of college basketball...