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A Quick Look at the Pluses and Minuses from Today's Game

Round 1: Win.

Here is a quick look at who I saw as the pluses and minuses of the game against Temple.


Derek Glasser - Glasser was a dynamic threat from the field in the first half, while also finding scoring opportunities for his teammates.  Before getting knocked in the noggin, it seemed that Glasser was unstoppable.  He played a solid 2nd half and hit his free throws at the end to clinch the win.  There is no one I'd rather have at the line at the end of the game other than Glasser.

Jeff Pendergraph - What can I say about the senior leader of the team.  He played like a senior leader.  He rebounded, scored, boxed out, and hit his free throws.  If he continues to play like he did today, the Devils will be dangerous.

Ty Abbott - Ty is an electrifying player to watch.  He hustles, rebounds, soars through the air, and contributes on offense every once in a while.  While more points would be nice, Ty has been playing excellent basketball.  His hustle continues to pay off and he is rewarded with playing time that he very much deserves.



Rihards Kuksiks - He was able to hit a few shots, but his role in the offense has seemed to wane a bit.  Hopefully Syracuse will forget about him and he can light 'em up from the outside.

Jamelle McMillan - In his first game back, Jamelle looked like he hadn't played in 2 weeks.  He seemed just a step slow.  Had a bad traveling violation, but other than that ate up some minutes and gave Glasser a much needed breather.


James Harden - James was some what frustrating to watch today.  Passing the ball to the wrong team, throwing it out of bounds, missing shots.   He had a bad foul on a 3-pt attempt by Dionte Christmas and missed some key FT's down the stretch. I struggled with whether he was a non-factor or a minus, and today there were times I wished he wasn't on the court.  I think he will bounce back in a big way against 'Cuse.