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Putting The Onus On Herb Sendek

One of the knocks on Herb when he arrived in Tempe was his inability to lead a team into the later rounds of the NCAA Tournament.

Today's performance continues that trend. Uninspiring defense, poor management of Jeff Pendergraph's foul situation, and a lack of motivation for James Harden.

Taking too many threes, not having an effective game plan on offense, and failing to switch into man when it was clear that Syracuse could break the zone.

Undoubtedly, Sendek is a great basketball mind with a lot of talent for recruiting. But look at the game. If we really have the 2nd best player in the NCAAs, why can't he score more than 10 points?

I don't want to blame Herb Sendek for this loss, because Syracuse is a great team. But I have to at least mention that I feel he could have managed this game a lot better.

Either way, it was the best season we've had in years, and I loved this team. Good job, gentlemen.