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The Busy World of ASU Athletics

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I just thought I would enlighten everyone with a few links of noteworthy ASU news:

1) The ASU women's basketball  team will face Texas A&M in the sweet 16. The game is Sunday @ 11:30AM on ESPN2.

2) The football team wants to forget last season.  I do too.

3) It looks like the QB race is between Samson Szakacsy (how many times will I have to double check that spelling this year?) and Danny Sullivan.  Erickson is likely to name starter by April 18th.  But we've all heard that before.

4) The Sun Devils gymnastics team is a 5 seed in the South Central Regional in Arkansas.  GO DEVILS!

5) James Harden, starting guard/forward for the Devils (incase you don't know who he is) is still considering coming back.  Although unlikely, we can pray/hope/plead/beg.  He says "I haven't thought about it, but why wouldn't I come back?"

Because the NBA has millions of dollars they are ready to throw in your face. That's why James.  If I were you, I'd be chasing the $$$ all the way to the bank.

6) And lastly but not least...well actually it is least.  The Wildcats are still alive in the NCAA tournament, thanks to a "lucky" draw and a second round matchup against Cleveland State.  My prediction is this is the end of the road.  GO Cards.