Erickson interview with Portland Tribune


Ha, I'm guessing he doesn't read H.o.S.


Many on the Arizona State message boards were less than forgiving with the team or its coach last season, which caused Erickson to lose very little sleep.

“I don’t pay any attention to those chat boards,” says Erickson, proving his point with the fractured nomenclature of the computer-challenged. “They’re so ridiculous. Some of my assistants look at them, and the stuff people write ... I tell them, ‘Why would you guys ever read those things? Those people don’t count.’

“That stuff doesn’t bother me. It never has and it never will. People are going to say what they want to say, but we have a plan. I’ve been around a long time and have been pretty successful. We have great boosters here and a real solid alumni group that knows what we’re doing and is very supportive.”

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