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Bracketology Update: Sun Devils Slip to a 6 Seed

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The state of Washington.  Washington's climate varies greatly from west to east. An oceanic climate predominates in western Washington, and a much drier semi-arid climate prevails east of the Cascade Range,  says Wikipedia.  Pretty much sums up  the trip for the Devils.  We jumped into the ocean and came out dry.  Two games, two overtimes, two losses.  Ouch.  Not what we needed.  The good news is its 2009 and not 2008, and we aren't a bubble team.  The bad news, we dropped in the polls and most likely a seed or 2 in the brackets.  Take a deep breath Devils fans, the important games are yet to come.

The Devils are 2 games away from finishing up Pac-10 play.  If they can pull them both out, they should finish 2nd in the league behind the Huskies.  A few wins in the tournament and I project a 4 seed for the Devils.  On to Lunardi's predictions.

In the first round, the Devils are set to play Siena...out of upstate NY.  Siena is in the midst of the MAAC conference tournament as the one seed.  If they don't win the tournament, they most likely won't warrant an at-large bid.  They have some talented players in Kenny Hasbrouck and Edwin Ubiles, but not nearly enough to take on any BCS conference teams.  The Devils cruise to victory over the Saints.  In what battle doesn't the devil beat the saint?

2nd round. Wake Forest.  Once the nation's best team, now the nations 10th best team.  They are only 6-5 in their last 11 games, and currently down 7 to Maryland with 3:28 to go in the first half.  I think the Demon Deacons are overrated.  They've peaked, and are sliding their way to a second round exit to the Devils.  Herb can handle Wake Forest for sure.

Sweet 16.  The Devils catch a break with Utah upsetting Louisville(grin), and its a battle of two western POWERHOUSES.  Maybe not exactly powerhouses, but good teams.  The Utes had been streaking til a loss in Provo against the Cougars.  They have some horrible losses to Southwest Baptist(WHO?) and Idaho State, so I'm not so sure they can handle James Harden.  Devils win.  Where is my optimism coming after such a rough week for the Devils?  Well, I was in Vegas for the WSU game, so lets just say I have a foggy memory of the game.

Elite 8. Blake Griffen. Oklahoma. Devils lose.  What more needs to be said other than if Griffen is healthy, we stand no chance.  All we could really hope for is Griffen to be out for a game like this, and the Devils to hit shots. (THAT MEANS YOU TY ABBOTT, thanks for your 78 minutes of playing time over the last 3 games and 0 points.)

Until Friday's bracketology update, GO DEVILS!