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Hittin' the Links

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So, after we have tried to forget the depressing state of affairs in Sun Devil land following two close losses in Washington state and the first defeat of our baseball team, lets see what is going on in Sun Devil land.

  • First up is this story on Herb Sendek, and how he has transformed the basketball culture at ASU.   
    • It is an interesting article. Some good quotes:

      So Sendek left the heart of the frenzied ACC for a hoops wasteland, despite many folks telling him not to do it.

      "There was a lot of that," Sendek said. "I just felt in my gut, instinctively, that this was the right time and right place."

      Of course, back in Raleigh, folks know there's more to the story. Despite leading the Wolfpack to five consecutive NCAA tournament berths, Sendek was mostly unloved. There was his grind-it-out style of play. There was his refusal to foam at the mouth over rivalry games. And there was only one berth in the Sweet 16.

    • "You want a basketball team that gives all of itself for every game, right," he said. "So how do you give more than all? Theoretically, we should be a program that always gives our best. That always is chasing perfection, hoping to catch excellence, as Lombardi said."

      That's why Sendek, the second-youngest active coach with 300 Division I wins, preaches passion and focus over emotion, a lesson that has helped Pendergraph -- who needs all of his 6-foot-9, 240-pound frame to contain his personality -- learn to stay under control on the court.

      Sendek told Pendergraph during their first season together (an 8-22 slog) that things would get better and that the post needed to start channeling Tim Duncan.

      "My first impression? He seemed like a brainiac guy and I'd never really played with a coach like that," Pendergraph said. "That first year was tough. We lost so many games. But he was like, 'Don't worry, Jeff. We're going to get good players here and we're going to start winning games. Just keep working hard and be the leader we need you to be.'
    • Good stuff, Ted Miller. I personally love Sendek. he truly has changed the culture.
    • Ted Forde checks back in on our attendence and finds...we sold out a game! woo.

    • Arizona is under investigation for recruiting violations.

    • ASU's 125 pound wrestler won the Pac-10? Anyone care?

    • Sendek thinks Arizona deserves a spot in the big dance.

    • ASU has plummetted from #14 to #21 in both polls after last week. Great.

    • Pat Tillman is up for the college hall of fame.

    • Not a lot going on in Sun Devil land right now. Baseball has a three game set against Holy Cross this week, and basketball goes up against Stanford and Cal before starting the tourney next week.