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Crash and Burn: Sun Devils Drop 3rd Straight Game, Losing To Stanford 74-64

From my vantage point in the student section, I have a few succinct points to make about our embarrassing 74-64 loss to mediocre Stanford (17-11).

First of all, there was no support for the team in the stands. Maybe it was at half capacity, but Wells Fargo Arena felt like a mausoleum from the tip. Lets make it clear, the crowd disappointed.

But did they have anything to cheer for? Not really. Scoring 1 point in the first eight minutes really put a damper on the enthusiasm anyone had for the contest.

Really, I hated this entire game. The team played with no intensity, James Harden tried too hard to draw fouls the entire game (often failing to make his shot and not get a foul called), and Ty Abbott has digressed beyond any comprehension. I would rather see Taylor Rohde play than Abbott at this point.

The referees were lousy. What else is new? Pac-10 refs are weak minded and have no consistency in their officiating.

Case in point: one of the referees was actually explaining the concept of 10 second backcourt violation to a fan during a timeout. What kind of referee can't ignore the fans?

This team has lost its support base, and lost its own identity. I thought we had turned the corner after the UA game, but the team bought into its own hype and his crashed back down to earth.

Can we recover for the Pac-10 tournament? At this point, it looks unlikely. If California beats ASU on Saturday, watch out. The floor would officially have dropped out from underneath these overrated Devils.