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Has Herb Caught a Case of Valley Fever?

Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis reported that Herb Sendek had expressed interest in the job at University of Virginia.  WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTT?  The University of Virginia ended up hiring Washington State's Tony Bennett, but nonetheless, I am nervous.  Apparently two "reputable" sources told him Herb was interested in the job.  It worries me that he would think about going to a school like UVA.  They seem to be a pretty lateral move for such a great coach.  I can understand a move to a team like Memphis, Kentucky, or Pitt.  They are basketball schools, willing to support the team even at it's worst.  But UVA?  Ouch.

Let me start out by saying, I think Herb has done wonders with our program in a short three years.  We've grown by leaps and bounds from Rob Evans' teams.  We brought in an All-American and a solid supporting cast.  He helped Pendergraph mature from foul-prone to purely efficient.  This team gained some moxy through the past 3 years.  That is what leads me to question why he would even think about leaving after such a short marriage.  We have some 'mo (momentum) and a solid recruiting class coming in.  Why Herb Sendek, Why?

Perhaps we, the fans, can be to blame.  We sat on our hands to the point where Herb had to quit coaching, turn around to the fans, and ask that we make noise.  Pathetic? Certainly.  I don't think any coach should ever have to do this, let alone for a top 25 team.  I just ask Herb to look at the team's growth along with the fan's growth.  We went from empty to fuller.  Yeah we can't sell out every game, but we certainly have more butts in the seats than 3 years ago.  The team can be frustrating to watch.  The fans can be frustrating to listen to.  I understand the atmosphere isn't where it should be...but it will get there.

So all I ask from you Herb, is some more patience.  We are taking steps in the right direction.  You are bringing in players that compliment your system.  Arizona State is becoming the best college basketball team in the state.  Please be our...gulp...Lute Olsen.  Lead us to 20+ straight tournament appearances.  A national championship.  Final Fours galore.  I think it just might break my heart if I have to watch you lead someone else to a championship.  You are a Sun Devil.  Once a Sun Devil, Always a Sun Devil.