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Hittin' the Links

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So, quite a somber week of news around the Valley.

I've been avoiding it, but might as well get it all out of the way.


BTW, ASUBoyd, I did see ASU last weekend.

Saw Leake at Safeco on Friday, Spence Saturday.

Leake wasnt sharp, but he's good. Better than some seem to think. Not sure I don't prefer Leake over Gibson or Oliver to be honest.

The only difference between Gibson and Leake right now is Gibson's size, which means so much less for a 21 year old college junior than for a 17-18 year old prep arm.

Spence was sitting 85-87 but threw strikes with his curve and change all day long. I think UW swung and missed 21 times when I stopped counting.

Arizona State's Kerry Taylor Makes an Amazing Catch (via ASUAthletics)

That does it for now. Baseball recaps en route.