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Chasen Stangel to Transfer

It looks like the battle for QB1 at ASU has just got a bit narrower.  Chasen Stangel has decided to transfer from ASU, after basically being the #4 QB on the depth chart.  Having fallen behind Sullivan, Szakacaksky, and Osweiler... Chasen is going to move on from the Sun Devils.  This seems like a logical move for someone who was most likely not going to see the field as a Devil. 

It seems that the arrival of Osweiler has started to chase some QB's away as they realize he may hold the key to our future.  If you ask me, I think trimming the QB's on our roster is a good thing right now.  With a few top QB recruits looking our way, we may become a more attractive offer with fewer QB's.  It appears that heading out of spring practices, the depth chart stands as follows:


2)Samson S.


Erickson has not officially come out and said that Sullivan has locked up the starting job, so hopefully the competition will continue.

With the spring scrimmage taking place earlier this afternoon, it looks like the Defense was back to their same old tricks.  They basically shut down the ASU O.  I have a feeling this will be a reoccuring trend of the year, D outshines O.  It was a succesful day all around with another outstanding Pat's run followed by a good scrimmage.  The dominance of the defense definitely has created a buzz with the fans.  If the offense can play decent, the Sun Devils will be a troublesome team to face.  Here's to hoping for a better 2009 season. GO DEVILS!