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Winning on the Ground

One year removed from a frustrating offensive football season, the Devils appear to be in a similar situation.  3 QB's with only a little mop-up time to share between them, and some RB's with limited game experience (except Nance, but he plays like he has very little experience), the Devils offense is of great concern to the SD faithful this season.  With Sully as our QB, and a high octane defense, we need to play a grind-it-out style of football that we haven't seen in the Valley of the Sun in a long time.  Last years resembled that of a run and kill the clock offense, but that was just because we were physically unable to do anything with the ball.

With the departure of Keegan Herring and the DeWitty academic problems, the Devils backfield is left in the hands of Nance, Bass, and Morrison.  Hopefully Nance is fully healed after a hand injury plagued his ability to hold on to the football last season.  Of more concern, was his inability to run the ball for any yardage.  We can blame the O-line all we want, but any decent running back  will hit a hole every once in a while.  Nance was unable to do this.

Bass is that bolt of lightning that may take the place of Herring.  He apparently has been able to take off numerous times in this years scrimmages, but has also been fumble-prone in practices.  If he can hold on to the ball, he may emerge as our #1 RB.

Morrison is a powerful, thunderous, running back who the Devils need to utilize.  He can move the pile, and break tackles a lot like Torain.  If Morrison can hang on to the football, the tandem of Bass and Morrison may prove to be exactly what the offense needs to push the Devils to victory.  It should play out to be an interesting summer and fall for sure.