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NFL DRAFT: Paul Fanaika, Troy Nolan Drafted in the 7th Round, UPDATE Rudy Signed by Cowboys, Michael Jones by Texans

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Paul Fanaika has landed with the Philadelphia Eagles, getting picked with the 4th pick in the seventh round of today's NFL Draft. He was pick #213 overall. Fanaika was a rock for ASU, starting 35 consecutive games to end his collegiate career. Good pickup in the late rounds for the Eagles.

Troy Nolan will get a shot with the Houston Texans, getting drafted with the 14th pick in the 7th round (223 overall).

Both of these players are lucky to even have their names called, to be frank. But the fact that there is any interest in them is a nice sign, and hopefully they can pull out a spot on the teams they have been drafted by.

Good luck, Troy and Paul!


UPDATE: Rudy Carpenter has signed with the Cowboys and Michael Jones has signed with the Houston Texans.

Good job and good luck guys.