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Breaking News: Michigan QB Steven Threet transfers to ASU

Redshirt freshman Steven Threet is coming to Tempe.

Michigan fans say they don't care.

Threet is 6'6, 230 LBS and was a 75 grade from Scouts, Inc in the 2007 recruiting class. Scouting evaluation:

(Done for Class of 2007) Threet is a pocket passer with fantastic measurables and a big arm. Has ideal size and is a better athlete than you might think. Has the arm to place the ball anywhere on the field and is very accurate. He stands tall in the pocket, keeps his eyes downfield and does an excellent job working his way through progressions. He is balanced and poised in the pocket, has his feet set and generally delivers the ball on time. He shows very good RPMs on all throws, has natural wrist-snap and the velocity to fit the ball into tight coverage. He makes good, quick decisions and rarely forces the ball. He has just enough movement skills to avoid within the pocket and buy a second passing chance. Builds speed as he goes and is capable of making the short first down with his legs, but he is not an elusive athlete. He is not a guy you want on the perimeter; is at his best in the pocket. Threet's delivery is quick, though you do see a subtle wind-up, he gets rid of the ball quickly. You worry a little about his release point. For such a tall player, he releases the ball low and his elbow sinks, very much like Vince Young. This negates his great natural height and can cause batted balls. His footwork can be inconsistent and drop speed needs to improve. Overall, Threet has good tools and upside. He needs to clean up his mechanics, but he is very productive and should only get better with experience. He is smart and heady.


With Elway quitting and Stangel transferring, that left only 3 QBs on scholarship.

Threet started 8 games for Michigan last year, and while not spectacular, he was facing a tough schedule, a new coach running an odd offense with personnel in place who did not fit, and wanted to play in a pro style system (hence, ASU).

I like it. I think he has a chance to play next year, and will be able to compete for the number 2 job right away.


Passing Stats
2008 MICH 102 200 51.0 1105 5.5 9 51 7 105.26
Rushing Stats
2008 MICH 76 201 2.6 58 2 0 0 0


Not bad. Had a good game against Notre Dame and Illinois.

Let's see what you've got Threet. Welcome to Tempe.


UPDATE: Miami QB Robert Marve was also considering ASU. Does Threet's decision mean we are out on Marve? Marve was in Threet's 2007 recruiting class and was regarded slightly higher - Scouts, Inc 80 grade. 2008 stats at Miami

Stats Overview Passing
2008 116 213 1293 54.5 6.07 69 9 13 18 107.19


Scouting Report: This kid is going to be a very good college quarterback. He may not be receiving the national attention of others, but he probably should. Marve is an excellent overall passer and very good athlete to boot. He has good size and will need to bulk up, but he has the frame to develop into an impressive athlete at the quarterback position. He is a pocket passer first who can make plays with his legs when he has to. He has good feet, drops quickly and his set up is balanced and calm. Stands tall in the pocket and sees the field well. Carries the ball at chest level and shows good pocket presence avoiding the rush, yet keeping his eyes downfield. His delivery and arm are both excellent. Release is quick and compact, and he gets great natural wrist snap on the ball. Shows big RPMs on short-to-intermediate routes. Can thread the needle on underneath throws. Shows good touch, timing and accuracy on underneath routes. Can changed ball speeds. Has the arm to drive the ball downfield and has the touch to drop it in over coverage. His throwing motion is something that need not be messed with. He is a deceptive and elusive runner with good speed for the position. Can be dangerous outside of the pocket as a pass/run threat. Throws well on the move and when off balance. Can make the first defender miss in space and is tough, will lower his shoulder to get the extra yard. Overall, this kid is going to be a late-bloomer with his best days of football ahead of him. He has confidence and savvy to go along with very good physical tools and arm strength.

6'2, 190 pounds. If getting Threet means no Marve, that is ok. I like Threet - prototypical size, seems to fit. Looks like Marve is leaning towards Purdue. We will keep you updated.