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The Inevitable Becomes...Inevitable

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The Arizona Republic is reporting that Harden has declared for the NBA Draft and is looking for representation, eliminating all hope of him returning to ASU next year. We all saw this coming and now it is for sure. I don't blame him one bit. He was a great basketball player with a decent supporting cast, and the opportunity to make millions for playing a game is hard to pass up.

Of course he has his weaknesses (can't go right, doesn't have a jumper, a non-factor in the biggest games of his life) but he is a very solid player. He plays good defense, can drive to the hoop, create his own shot, make FT's, get steals, and given the extra step allowed by the NBA, I think he will do just fine. I don't see him as a perennial All-Star, but as a good role player in the NBA. According to's mock draft, Harden is the 4th player off the board and ending up in Oklahoma City. OKC would be a great fit for Harden, as he would be surrounded by young talent. Playing along side Durant, Westbrook, Jeff Green, and Nick Collison, the Thunder could become a contender within the next 5 years.

I wish you luck James, and you will be missed on the court next year for sure. Here is to hoping for continued success for the ASU basketball program. GO DEVILS!