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Life After James Harden: The 2009-2010 Sun Devils

With the announcement today of Harden's intentions to enter the NBA Draft, we now have a good idea of what the Sun Devils basketball roster will look like in 2009-2010.

Arizona St. Sun Devils Basketball Roster

# Pos. DOB W H College
Ty Abbott 3 G - 215 6-3 junior
Trent Anderson 24 F - 210 6-7 sophomore
Eric Boateng 2 C - 245 6-10 senior
Demetrius Walker
X G - 190 6-3 freshman
Nico Fricchione 23 G - 175 6-1 sophomore
Derek Glasser 12 G - 190 6-1 senior
Trent Lockett
G - 195 6-5 freshman
Rihards Kuksiks 30 G - 205 6-6 junior
Jamelle McMillan 10 G - 180 6-2 junior
Ruslan Pateev
X C - 240 7-0 freshman
Stephen Rogers 40 F - 185 6-8 sophomore
Taylor Rohde 32 F - 225 6-8 sophomore
Virgil Sanders 20 G - 205 6-2 sophomore
Jerren Shipp 44 G - 214 6-3 senior
Brenton Thomas 14 G - 175 6-3 sophomore
Kraidon Woods 22 F - 192 6-8 junior

We still are courting power forward Kyryl Natyazhko, who would immediately be our in our starting rotation. That cat can ball!

Alright, lets take a look at a realistic rotation for Herb and the Fightin' Devils.

Starting 5:

PG: Derek Glasser, Sr. An experienced ballhandler, Glasser will be asked to perform at a very high level in 2009-2010 to help usher in a new generation of quality kids.

G/F: Ty Abbott, Jr. Abbott's resurgence at the end of the 2008-2009 season bodes well for a starring role in his junior campaign. He is a quality 3-point shooter who can attack the rim.

G/F: Demetrius Walker, Fr. Get this guy on the court. ESPN Hot 100 prospect, we need to see what he can do.

G/F: Rihards Kuksiks, Jr. 3PT specialist, unfortunately doesn't offer too much else.

C: Ruslan Pateev, Fr. 7 footer has to be better than Eric Boateng, right? Even if he isn't, lets get him some experience in this upcoming season.

Bench Subs:

Jerren Shipp, Sr. He has earned the right to play, especially seeing this team's flaws. Can make threes.

Jamelle McMillan, Jr. McMillan can handle the rock and will be our starting PG in 2010-2011. He needs to see the floor as much as possible next year.

Trent Lockett, Fr. Another freshman who needs some burn, as our season will be an up and down affair.

Taylor Rohde, So. A player who faded into the obscurity of the bench last year after doing mopup duty, Rohde will see the floor a lot more next year. Hopefully he develops into a competitive bench player.

Eric Boateng, Sr. Unfortunately, he has to play. Pateev will not be a lockdown center in his freshman year, so Boateng will see action far more than any of us could hope for.

Tomorrow, I will break down the rest of the scrubs.