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Ryan Torain may be on the Chopping Block in Denver

In some unfortunate speculation by Pro Football Weekly, Ryan Torain may be on the lookout for a new job.

"Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels has thoroughly revamped his team’s RB corps and commenced dumping some holdovers from the Mike Shanahan era, releasing Selvin Young on April 30. The next to go is likely to be Ryan Torain, an oft-injured favorite of Shanahan’s. Torain, a fifth-round pick last year, was able to play in just two games last season between an elbow injury and a torn ACL."

This reminds me of a brief conversation I had with a Denver Broncos scout in the fall before the ASU/Washington State football game.

We were discussing Ryan Torain's recent ACL injury, and he made it clear that while Denver really liked Torain's ability and skill set, ACL injuries for RBs were often the last straw. RBs who suffer ACL injuries usually get second chances, but only on a new team.

I took this to mean that Torain's days in Denver were through, but up until now I had heard nothing of the sort. This is the first article indicating any possibility of Torain's release. With the addition of Knowshon Moreno, it's only a matter of time.