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Sun Devil B-ball Gets Thinner at the Post Position

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In a not so shocking story, PF Kraidon Woods has decided to transfer away from ASU. Kraidon got very limited playing time despite being one of the taller players on the vertically challenged basketball team. This leaves the Devils with an even thinner group of big men. It looks like Boateng, Pateev, and Rhode will challenge for playing time with Boateng most likely to get most of it. Pateev has been said to need some time to develop before contributing, but most likely will get some big minutes this year with Boatengs ability to find himself in quick foul trouble. Rhode's more natural position seems to be at the PF spot. The 2008 Gatorade Player of the Year in AZ possesses a decent jump-shot along with good rebounding skills and incredible basketball smarts. Hopefully these three players will be able to fill the role left by Pendergraph.