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James Harden Goes Third Overall to OKC; Jeff Pendergraph 31st to Sacramento, Traded to Portland

Pretty big surprise, but Harden is a quality pick. Check back here for a summary of our coverage of James Harden over the past season, Thunder fans.

Jeff Pendergraph went 31st, and was quickly packaged to Portland for Sergio Rodriguez and the 38th overall pick.

Back in the 2009 Pac-10 Championship game, I sat in the Staples Center and followed Harden's every move against USC, and here is the article. It is very long, but you need to read it to get a grip on how the college game had adjusted to Harden's deliberate style of play.

Daniel Hackett definitely had Harden's number, and I can imagine he will need some time to develop against the superior defenses seen in the NBA.