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James Harden Turns 20 Today; Happy Birthday

Today is James Harden's 20th birthday.

Can anyone wrap their heads around this? He entertained us for two solid years, was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder, played summer league basketball, and just now he is entering the third decade of his life.

He still has a full year before he is eligible for "legally" attending bars and clubs across this great nation.

Lets recap our relationship with James.

Year 1, he gave us life. We nearly made the NCAA Tournament, hosting 3 NIT games in the process. Our basketball radars were completely off until he rolled into Tempe, and since his arrival we have been Sendek junkies.

Year 2, he got us into the NCAA Tournament! His averages exploded, and he showed extreme growth as a player.

I am truly sad that he left after his sophomore campaign, but the monetary rewards of the NBA cannot be argued against. Congratulations, James, and happy birthday. We will miss your on-court greatness.